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Bailey and Carlos

Oct 31
Day 28 - Saturday 31 October – Halloween

1031Pool.jpgSo good to be at Jim & Elaine’s home again. It is like our home from home in the United States. We love being here and feel so welcome and happy. One of the highlight is their lovely pool where you can see us hanging out today. Of course, being a spider monkey, I’d rather just sit on the edge rather than get my fur wet, but you can see Ruth, Elaine and Jim enjoying themselves in the water.

1031Rowenna.jpgAs it is Halloween today, I went “trick or treating” with Elaine & Jim’s grand-daughter Rowenna (Hannah and Mike’s little girl).

1031DylansCat.jpgThen we were off to visit Dylan (one of Elaine & Jim’s sons) and his household of cats. Being Halloween, of course I snuggled up to a pure black witch’s cat called Boba. 


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