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Day 30 - Saturday 21 September – Cousin Harry
Paddy’s cousin Harry (the senior cousin in that generation) lives in Concord near San Francisco so it was a great opportunity to continue meeting up with relatives. Harry and his children Heidi and Kyle were so welcoming, we had such a lovely stay. It was a full day, starting off with a tramp up in the hills with Harry’s friend Tom, with the added excitement of being caught in a downpour that soaked us all through to the skin.
Harry and Kyle are both car nuts. Kyle is into car racing photography and has a website with his photos for sale. Kyle’s baby is a nearly 50 year old E-Type.
And Harry’s is a very powerful Jaguar XJR.
But a great treat of our stay was to visit Jack Burtt, who lives just 15 minutes away from Harry. He is a lovely and lively 87 year young distant relative of Paddy on his Mum’s side, who visited New Zealand nearly 10 years ago.
Day 29 - Friday 20 September – Intergen Reunion in San Francisco
More swimming and eating today (but we fitted in a brisk (and sweaty) walk too) before heading off to San Francisco for an Intergen alumni gathering after work down on Mission St. Great to catch up with the Aptimize crew (primarily) and Trey, who worked with Intergen a few years ago. Here you can see: Glenn Conner, Armand Sultantono, Ed Robinson, Paddy, Blair Robertson, Cat Robinson, Sarah Vadada, Trey Guinn and Peter Russell, with me in the centre as always.
Day 28 - Thursday 19 September – Fresno
What a find we made on our way from Los Angeles to Fresno! We had a little time to spare so we jumped off Route 99 at Bakersfield and visited the Kern County Museum. Kern County, in the southern end of the San Joaquin valley, has a vibrant history of gold mining, oil production and farming, and that was all brought to life by this open-air museum which had a collection of about 50 houses (cottages, stores, dentists, doctors, court houses, jails, rail stations, etc) full of old memorabilia. Awesome. You can see me hanging outside the General Store.
It was pretty hot in the valley (35 degrees) so it was straight into the pool when we got to Jim & Elaine’s before launching into what we always do with them – eating lots of delicious food. Here you can see me with Braden, Jim and Elaine.
Day 27 - Wednesday 18 September – On The Road Again
Sad farewells to Granny this morning as we got ready to hit the road again. And goodbye to her home in Rye Close too, because if all goes well she won’t be going back there as she will be safely settled in The Manor House where she will be able to get the care that she will need for the next few years. Fortunately the roads were pretty clear so we had time to pop into see our friends Minerva and Paul who live close to Heathrow Airport.
Then on to the plane and on our way to spend the night with Dave and Karen (and Dave’s Mum Jean) in Los Angeles, or so we thought until we got an email from Dave yesterday to say he and Karen were in Spain. But never mind, we’ll still be able to see Jean, and Dave’s brother Alan and his wife Barbara who are looking after Jean while Dave & Karen are away.
Day 26 - Tuesday 17 September – Bright Necklace
Granny is settling in to her new home really well, but she is still going to go to her day care centre (Worstead, or as she calls it, Wessex) once or twice a week for the next few weeks. Today I helped her make a bright necklace out of an assortment of beads and buttons that you can see in the picture today.
While Granny was at Wessex, Mo, Paddy and I went for a walk along Weaver’s Way, a disused reailway line that runs from North Walsham (well actually all the way from Cromer to Great Yarmouth) and along behind The Manor House. We did a bit of bush whacking and discovered that you can get from the track all the way to the House.
Day 25 - Monday 16 September – Lunchtime at The Manor House
Not too many adventures today. In fact, one of the highlights was joining Granny for lunch and getting to meet some of her new friends. The dining room is a lovely bright place and we even have flowers on the table.
By the way, I’ve put a video from Tuesday of Granny getting her 93rd birthday cake (created by Mo) up here for your edification.
Day 24 - Sunday 15 September – Beware Oncoming Frogs
So what do you think this sign means? It was a totally new one on me. I wasn’t sure if it meant “beware of oncoming frogs”, in which case I would be very concerned about their size, or “don’t squash frogs crossing the road” or what!
Granny, Paddy and I had a lovely Sunday afternoon drive around little country lanes even though it was a chilly, wet, cloudy afternoon. We ended up in a little place on the coast where we stopped for afternoon tea. Although the name of the town is Happisburgh, the tea lady said the locals pronounced it “hays-bra”. Shows how strange the Norfolk accent is I guess. But apart from strange pronunciation, Wikipedia tells us the place has another claim to fame “Happisburgh became a site of national archaeological importance in 2010 when flint tools over 800,000 years old were unearthed. This is the oldest evidence of human occupation anywhere in the UK.”
Day 23 - Saturday 14 September – The Lady of The Manor
Today was the day that Granny moved from her home of the past couple of years, to The Manor House where she will be residing in the future. Just 3 miles away from where she has been living in North Walsham, in the middle of some lovely woods Everything went very smoothly and Granny is happily settled into her room which opens out on to a flower border complete with bird feeders.
Day 22 - Friday 13 September – Sparkly Nails
Look what Maria (Mo’s daughter, Granny’s grand-daughter) did to Granny today! Baked Granny’s finger nails bright vibrant pink!! Quelle surprise, is the expression on Granny’s face as she has her hand in the oven to make the nail polish exceptionally hard.
Day 21 - Thursday 12 September – Sunny Day in North Walsham
Granny went to her granny-day-care today at Worstead (also fondly known by her as “Wessex”) but it was still a lovely day when she came home in the afternoon, so we sat outside in the lovely sunshine. You can see us having a cup of tea and scoffing some yummy buttery tablet (the fudgey kind not the computer kind) that Paddy and I bought from a market stall in town.
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